Stop and wonder



I wonder who I’d be, who’d you be if we were stripped of societal embedments. Over stimulated, over medicated, under educated about all the right things. They steal your soul and sell it back to you as art. When everyday should be living breathing art. Humans have the magical capability to make each day count, each day special,  different, learn, try again but instead were blinded and misguided. Malnourished from birth, were fed the wrong things. We worry about money, control, status, power and when you die what does it matter.  Our brains are so vast to explore but they’ve got us mesmerized with paper, shiny things, being “accomplished”, happy meals and facebook. You think your free but you dont even realize youve already inlisted as an internet zombie.

Wake up wake up wake up.

Go outside

get lost

lose yourself

do things that make you afraid

This isn’t a case of Us. vs Them

It’s Us. vs. Ourselves

Realizing these things and being the change


4 thoughts on “Stop and wonder

  1. I am a former marine and have lived in both the military and civilian world and its amazing how drastically people change based on there environment.
    You become who you are by living with nothing to look foward to except for whats inside your own head. I try to make ever day count and create “art” every day. Weather it be a picture a painting or a stack of rocks by the river creating is just part of being human.

    • That’s so true, we always have that urge to create inside of us. We have so much more personal power then we realize. My sister’s husband is a marine and I can definitely see how he has changed, it’s amazing how much environment effects us. Thank you for your comment by the way 🙂

  2. Great post, the directional shift from outward to inward is clear.
    Identity is a strange creature, have you read Palahniuk’s Damned?

    p.s. you need to post more often 😛

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