Fingers on a Map


Train stations, bus terminals, airports. These places get my blood flowing, I feel at any moment my legs could take off and I’d be running away from it all. Who knows where’d I go, or what I’d see but everything would be right in front of me. Spin the globe like we did back in school and throw your finger at the map. An entire world can be dreamed when landscapes fall and rise before you.



5 thoughts on “Fingers on a Map

    • Los Angeles, California. We’re national opposites… except one of us has a much more awesome do. I’m taking a trip myself, while staying put right where I am. A vacation from the west-coasters I see everyday. BUT i need your help. I need you to become my guide, to another effing place. (much simpler than you’d think) Convince me never to go to New York in 5 sentences.

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